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Jennifer Saint

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ariadne – a brave, unique Greek goddess. I’ve always been fascinated with history. Coming from a heritage that contains amazing mythology tales along with a diverse range of historical stories, Ariadne’s synopsis caught my eye when BOTM announced its May picks. The start of the book had me entranced, I wasn’t able to keep down the book as I wanted to read about this magnificent characters, Ariadne, as portrayed in the book, is a brave girl but not in the obvious way like her sister Phaedra is. Phaedra is definitively a dare devil and is straightforward about her opinions. But Ariadne is brave in the sense that she’s yet to realize that once she decides to end the tyranny her brother – The Minotaur has brought upon her city Crete, no one can stop her.
The characters that the author has portrayed were beautifully detailed and the dual POV allowed me to envision the world described. The book has been divided into 4 parts. The first part went by fast. The next two parts, I found it hard to keep my focus. I felt like the story dragged a bit during these parts and I started to lose my interest in the characters. I believe it was because how the protagonist’s personality changed in these two parts. I’ve always beloved strong female characters and to see Ariadne turn into a fraction of her awesome personality made me lose the appeal of the book. The book again takes pace in the last part of part three and part four. The ending sure did have me surprised and maybe content? I’m still trying to process my thoughts about the ending. Maybe Ariadne had some other way?


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