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Josh And Gemma Make A Baby

Sarah Ready

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you @netgalley for this ARC copy!

A romcom that makes you fall in love with the characters as you’re reading along, I finished this one in two days. Starting February right with romcom, what I loved more about the book was the topic it highlighted and the way the author brought forward the message. Infertility – most often when any one of us hears this word, it’s got a negative connotation. But in a world, where celebrities and well know personalities are choosing alternate options to be parents, why is it that we, as a society, still associate it with a negative connotation.

The story is quite straightforward. Gemma wants to have a baby and due to her infertility diagnosis she’s not able to have one through the normal route. Josh, her brother’s best friend since school is a laid back guy who finds humor in small things. Gemma is ready to start her family but no longer looking for a Mr Right. Gemma thinks Josh is the perfect choice as her baby’s donor. The rest is the story. It’s a cute friends to lover trope filled with quotes, so if you’re a quote loving/highlighting reader like me, you’ll have plenty of highlights by the end of this book.

I loved the concept of starting each chapter with a quote. To add, the illustrations! They just make you smile as you’re reading. It’s like getting small encouraging and happy chits when you open your lunch box. That’s the feeling I got when I was reading through this. What made me give this a 4 star was as the climax was nearing, the author did not rush the story or make it unrealistic. It’s a love story that any one of us could have been witness too and that for me deserves the 4 stars. Overall, a great start to February with the romance genre!


7 responses to “Josh And Gemma Make A Baby”

  1. This is sounds like the perfect romcom to end off the month of love. I also love books that have quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Especially when you finish a chapter n ur like Oahhhhh that’s where that quote fits.

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    1. Absolutely, it’s like you can foresee the gist of the chapter but when it really comes to that point you’re still surprise!


  2. This one sounds really good… I have been wanting to read this one but wasnt completely sold on the concept

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    1. It’s a sweet romcom perfect for a quick read!


  3. It has an interesting premise, but I think i will pass on this one

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  4. Ooh this is my type of read! Adding it to my tbr!

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