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People We Meet On Vacation

Emily Henry

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What happens when two best friends fall in love with each other but can’t express their feelings because the train has left the station quite some while ago? Poppy and Alex are best friends since their undergrad days. Both their personalities lies on the opposite end of the line. Poppy, an outgoing, social person loves to travel and try funky new ideas. Alex, a slightly introverted, calm person loves stability and certainty in his life. But Alex adores Poppy and it’s the same way around. The book is written in two time perspectives. One perspective is describing the now, where Poppy and Alex have had a glitch two years ago and are dealing with its forthcomings whereas in the other perspective we travel through all their summer trips, understanding the deep connection both of them have cultivated. Will they be able to express their feelings to each other and if they do, what will be the results? That’s the story!
This was my romance read after a long gap in the genre. I loved how Emily has described both the time perspectives and how vibrant she has made Alex and Poppy. This is the romance we all dream of. She’s penned it down so beautifully that you feel like you’re drifting through the story without needing any push. I was connected through the entire story and after the first half I just couldn’t keep it down. I got intrigued and intrigued and wanted to find out more about Alex and Poppy. It felt great to start the month of April with a happy read 😌!!


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