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The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue

V. E. Schwab

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I remember you.

3 simple words, they’re something that every human being takes for granted. Hold on a moment though. Imagine if you are able to bargain your soul for an infinite lifetime; an endless amount of time to roam around the world, to eat on all those excellent delicacies you never had enough time for, to make sure everyone close to you gets a piece of your time from your busy schedule. Ah ha, here’s the catch, you can get that life, only no one will remember you, you’ll be a shadow till the end. In that moment, those 3 beautiful words make every cell in your body shine a little bit brighter.

That’s the story; a girl names Addie LaRue makes the bargain and lives her 300 and still counting years as an invisible woman. Until she meets a young man, Henry who remembers her name…

First of all, I did not imagine to cherish this book this much when I started the audiobook. Somewhere in the middle when Henry comes into picture, I was drawn to the story narrative of the feelings that Addie might have felt for 300 years of her life. Till then I was able to sympathize to her cause. But at this point I was able to empathize which is what made this book a ♥️. Thank you V. E. Schwab for this masterpiece. Not only was I able to travel through some of the cities that I haven’t got a chance to roam through but yet again I found a book where a strong female protagonist saves the day and captures a piece of the reader’s heart. I can say with guarantee that Addie LaRue is not going to be forgotten by readers any time soon. Also, a huge shoutout to Julia Wheelan, her voice gave justice to all the characters. It made me able to close my eyes and picturize the different lenses that Addie and others were seeing the situation in front of them.

This is probably the longest audiobook I have listened to till date : 17 hours! The ending, well the best way for me to describe the ending is:

Imagine you’re having a crappy day. You go to your favorite place to calm down: for me it’s the beach. You’re standing there right at the edge of the beach staring at the beautiful water in front of you that has no end, taking in all the glory of it. Suddenly a tiny rush of a wave touches your feet and submerges you a tiny bit. It’s that feeling right over there when nature tells you that you’re not alone and a sense of calm arrives, the wave taking the negativity with it somewhere far.


10 responses to “The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue”

  1. That’s all we all want … to leave an impression on this earth when we are gone. I can’t imagine living life being invisible. I love your analogy at the end.

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    1. Absolutely, I think just that feeling of feeling invisible is so beautifully portrayed in this book and it’s something we take for granted


  2. This book is on my tbr. I loved reading your thoughts on it!

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  3. This boom was slow for me but I really did enjoy it

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    1. Same for me, took me about getting 50% in the book to actually start loving it!


  4. This sounds like beautiful read, getting those deep feelings out type..

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  5. I recently got the anniversary edition. I am hoping to read it soon

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    1. Oooh wow! Hope you like it as well!


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